Monday, July 18, 2011

Issue 123 - COMING SOON
Hey guys, I've been tired lately but I'll put up an Issue soon(: In the meanwhile, check out my life blog (CLICK HERE YOU DOODOO)

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Issue 122

Hello thrice audience(:

Ohkay, I have 3 things tell you guys today(:

1)    Watch this YouTube video to understand what is gonna happen next (:


2)   My personal blog is up now(: Click here to view it(: Go there for my personal life(:

3)   Fruit Ninja fact(:

Pineapples contain lalalala from beer going lallalallala.

P.S- Short post. Pft. Like I did not realise that.
P.P.S- The video above has nothing to do with what happens next.
P.P.P.S You sneezed? TOO BAD! (:

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Issue 121

Hello twice again again audience(:

Ohkay, remember last post, I ended with this : “P.S- You come to my blog to fine nice videos to watch. Not to see how my life is going on. Cuz... Theres nothing much to post about my life(:

Well, actually, there’s ALOT of things to post about my life. Sometimes it can be kinda interesting, sometimes it can VERY boring. Either way, there ARE things to post about. So I’m gonna post them.(: J.u.s.t  n.o.t  h.e.r.e...... It’s gonna be posted on a site I’m still creating. (Well, actually... I’m still downloading the software... And if it doesn’t work, hack it~!)
Stupid software :\

Alright.  Enough about my liffee. Let’s get on to videos shall we? (:

VERY NICE SONG... A bit auto-tuned but the great lyrics counteracted that (:

P.S- Theres gonna be section every issue.
P.P.S Bet you did not know that huh?
P.P.P.S You sneezed? Bless you!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Issue 120

Hello once again audience(:


Like that channel... GO subscribe to it... Here---->

If that did not work, use the next icon here----->

Alrighty, ending this boring post with another wallpaper I took from bali.
Water droplets from the bus(:

If you sneezed while reading this short issue, bless you! Peace off! *BOOP*

P.S- You come to my blog to fine nice videos to watch. Not to see how my life is going on. Cuz... Theres nothing much to post about my life(:

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Issue 119

Audience? What are you doing waiting for me to update my blog audience? You know how much I hate you waiting(:

Hello(: Sorry for updating late :\. I was kinda sick the past few days. I’m better now though(: Right, let’s get to business.

Alright, click the SMALL picture of the lill’ kitty above(: I lasted for around 400 seconds... Before I got irritated and decided to quit it. It’s fun(:.
(PS, if you get irritated, spam the top left button on the page.)

Ohkay... Since everybody crave Angry Birds, I’ll give you some! By the way, what's wrong with people and Angry Birds! People who play Angry Birds trying to get 3 star ON EVERY LEVEL pretty much have no life. (: Either that or they are just plain bored. I'll go with the "no life" reason though... Makes more sense. :D

If you watched teh above video, you just added 1 more view to the 3’000’000+ other views... You’re nice! If you didn’t, I’m gonna track your youtube account and dislike ALL of your videos(: NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! 


Ohkay, I leave you with a freaking picture of cute cat from SPCA <3 - 

Kitteh cat
BTW, i cropped the cat picture to focus more on the animal :D

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'll update tmr, kays? (:

Clue about tmr: NYAN!!!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Issue 118

Wassap audience!(: Musical. That’s what’s up. Okay... this font... everything is in caps. Lets change it....

Alright. Done-ded. This looks MUCH better(: I have another video I would like to share with you nice guys.(: This one has no age limit. Only the nice guys can watch though.

“Nice guys are last becuz girls come first – Nigahiga”

Well, since I’m too lazy to upload another fruit fact, FB likes xD #20

Ending this post with a wallpaper. This wallpaper is taken by Penny’s camera. I lent it to take great photos. Enjoy this first one(:
Taken near a shore. (BALI)

P.S Im experimenting on the blogger background. Thats why it changes frequently now.
P.P.S If you have any nice wallpaper (simple, size more than 1600x1200), send it to me(:
P.P.P.P.S I raped the replay button of nice guys song. (:

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Issue 117

YO YO AUDIENCE! *Ahem*, I meant “Hello again audience!”. I say “yo yo audience” as an intro on my other blog that does not exists. Yeap.

Alrighty then... Let’s start(:. I came back from Bali (For idiots : Bali is a country in Indonesia. I did not spell the short form of the drink “Barley”.) two days ago and I’m not gonna post about it. Not just yet. I’m gathering nice pictures to display. (Excuse : People are still uploading pictures.) Yeah... So while “waiting” for people to upload their pictures, let’s just do a NORMAL, BORING post, yeah? (:

Alrighty. I suppose that like the audience of my blog are all above the age of... Let’s see.... Seven? Since I’m seven this year, this song might not really fit the age yeah? But it’s still a nice song.
(No, seriously, don’t watch the video if your below 14. It’ll give you nightmares. I’m freakin serious.)

Haven done this in a very LONG time. So I’m bringing back FB likes(: Here is FB likes #19

Yeah(: So wasn’t that a very NORMAL, BORING post? See? I just wasted like 5-10 minutes of our life. 
I’m a bad bad boy! And there’s NOTHING you can do about it. To end this post in a nice way, let’s put a motivational quote(: Enjoy!

Goodbyes~ (:

P.S - I'm trying to find a nice font that is easy to read to the eyes yet comic like. So that's why every post has different fonts.
P.P.S - If you know any fonts that is such, tell me^^

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Issue 116

Hello again audience!(: It’s been like friggin 9 years since I last saw you reading my blog(:
Ok, first, minecraft. QUIET DOWN! I know some of you do not like minecraft or do not like gaming, so get lost, cause I LOVE GAMING!!! Sooo... Beta 1.6 is coming out this Friday and here is sorta like a trailer of Beta 1.6.

Alright. To see the detailed list of things that Notch added to Beta 1.6, please click the "Notch" butt-on .................................Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight NOW! --->  

And lastly... A fruit fact sponsored from the iPhone app, Fruit Ninja ($0.99).
"Mangoes can be ripened quickly by placing them in a paper bag with a ripe banana"

P.S Im getting paid $10 for each time I say that.
P.P.S Im just joking. I get paid time =D
P.P.P.S Im lame. Shut up.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Issue 115}  {Pet week!}

Hello idiots, welcome to pet week(: Today, we will be looking at cute white lion cubs (: EXTREMELY CUTE!!!

Facts about White lions (:
1-   White lions are becoming extinct and are VERY rare (200 world-wide)
2- White lions originated in South Africa. (Go S.A!)
3-White lions can be found in wildlife reserves but RARELY in the natural wild. (sad sad sad)

Hope you enjoyed day 7 of pet week(:

I leave you with a freaking picture of cute white lion cubs. Kye out, peace out!
This is a cute white lion cub in a nursing home(for animals)

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